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Tough Mudder

Tracy Carpenter: Human Resources Consultant: 10th September 2019

 Eek! What have I agreed to? Tough Mudder? Well let me give you a little back story first.

This time last year I was struggling with persistent breathing problems, long-term back pain and a generally slothful lifestyle. At the start of 2019 I made the decision to try to turn things around. As well as a more healthy diet (shout to my other half for doing the cooking) I've taken up running. I'm not quite ready to do a marathon or anything, but I can do a solid 20 minutes before exploding into a ball of flame - which not so long ago I would have thought was impossible!

The knock on effects have really surprised me. Not only can I run, but my back pain and breathing problems have almost completely gone. I have loads more energy, and I honestly think my mind is clearer.

So - that's a small personal journey I'm on at the moment, but I've agreed to partake in a tough mudder with my friends at Not Just Numbers (they're terrific accountants). The cause is close to my heart, as it's for Cancer Research UK. I lost both my mum and sted dad to cancer and my husband suffered a brain tumour a few years ago, so I really appreciate the work the charity do.

Anyway, with just under a week to go, I'm limbering up to make my debut appearance in the world. I'm a bit apprehensive about the prospect of moving that much, but I'm assured it's actually great fun.

Anyway. That's my tedious back story. I'd be delighted if you could find a few coppers (or even more!) to help us reach our target and help the charity in the great work they do.

Assuming I survive I'll see you again soon!

Click here to donate :)

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