Outsourced HR

Make Your People Happy People, With Our Range Of HR Solutions.

There are happy people and sometimes unhappy people in the workplace, you know, those people who are in the wrong job, which makes the HR world keep on rolling. This means that you may need our array of HR Services from time to time. We’ve oodles of years’ experience between us (50 + as it happens!) and we’ve quite literally seen it all. At the end of the day, it really is all about the people, so let Mint’s people take care of your people.

The beauty of using Mint is that we enjoy dealing with all aspects of HR, from dealing with the happy side; culture, values, mission, learning and development, onboarding. Right the way through to the not so happy side; disciplinary, grievances, redundancies. That’s because we’re problem solvers — helping business owners and line managers get through these tricky situations.

Outsourced HR Support Costs

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          Mint HR in Yorkshire, ensuring you get Yorkshire value for money!

          In our humble experience, we find that retainers are a stress. Often with a retainer, you don’t really know what you’re signing up for other than an inordinate amount of cash every month. We wouldn’t want to be tied into a retainer with any of our professional business partners with potential hours we’re not going to use, so why should you?

          What we don’t want to happen, is that you’re too busy to give us anything to look at and we don’t want to push a service your way that you may not need or want. The solution. Easy. You pay for what you use, be that as little as 4 hours in the year or 180!

          We can have a natter, we’ll decipher what it is you want and need for your business and then you buy a package of hours. This can be as little as 4 hours, which is fabulous isn’t it! This means we can all get to know each other, make sure we like each other and we’re all on the same page. Without any silly lengthy contracts.

          But….if you prefer the retainer approach, so you can pick up the phone at your leisure, whenever you choose, then no problems, let’s talk.

          Company Handbooks by Mint Human Resources in Yorkshire

          The biggest source of conflict in any business is uncertainty. Who does what, and when and how they go about it. Without clear rules in place nobody is sure where they stand. That goes for both employees and management alike.

          Pulling all your policies and procedures into one handbook that anyone can refer to gives instant clarity so everyone knows what to expect.

          You can buy handbooks off the shelf, but no two companies are alike. You will benefit from a handbook which is tailored to your exact circumstances and needs.