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If you’re a small business and think you don’t need to worry about HR, then think again. This might mean you only use us for the odd HR project, but that’s fine with us. We love being part of our clients journey, watching their business grow and flourish!

Despite being an Outsourced HR Consultancy in Yorkshire, we’ve been all over the UK helping clients out of a tight spot or pulling together their policies and documents ensuring they’re compliant and slot right into the business. We love helping with upskilling of line managers too, it’s lovely for us to see the results of such progress. There’s so many more ways we can help and support your small or medium sized business. So, if you’re looking for an HR Agency in Leeds, HR Consultancy in Wakefield or HR support in West Yorkshire and beyond – please get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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Meet The Mint HR Team

At Mint HR, your caring HR Consultancy in Yorkshire, we love to do our bit for the community. Our CSR is very important to us all, so every month we do our bit to give back, be it taking time out of the business to volunteer or supporting worthy causes on social media.

Tracy Carpenter HR Consultant and Business Owner

Tracy is a force to be reckoned with in the HR world, so it made total sense for her to start her own HR Consultancy back in 2016. Tracy had already earned her stripes after 20 years in the industry so launching her own HR business was the icing on the cake and meant she could look after her clients the way she wanted to. This also means, that you’ve got Tracy in your corner, when things may get a little sticky in your own business.

Not your usual business owner – music and dance is what it’s all about for Tracy. She’s been a tap dancer for years and has recently performed in her first show. She can also be found raving in a festival field in the summer or singing/screaming at the top of her voice at a gig.

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Kate Gavaghan PA and Office Manager

Kate is Tracy’s PA and Office Manager for everyone, providing invaluable admin support. No mean feat in HR world, with so much legislation to adhere to. Super-organised, from her days in media and TV working on shows such as Holidays from Hell, Countdown and Emmerdale, nothing gets past Kate’s critical eye. Which for clients of Mint HR, is a crucial skill to have.

In her downtime, Kate is a busy dance mum, is a huge Strictly fan and loves watching musicals and researching her family tree. She has discovered she may possibly be related to Catherine Parr!

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Rachel O’Rourke HR Consultant

Rachel is a motivated and versatile HR professional with 20 years’ experience in public, private and non-profit sectors in both the UK and South Africa. Rachel has lived in London, Mozambique, Cape Town and recently moved to Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

A busy mum to 2 teenagers, Rachel loves exploring and traveling to new places and sampling the local fare.

Ellie – Security

Perhaps the most energetic member of the team, if you need someone to chew your slippers Ellie’s the girl for the job. Her duties include eating sausages, pestering squirrels, leaping at visitors, and keeping a careful eye on the sofa. With over a year’s experience She’s also learning to type and file in preparation for taking a CIPD qualification.

Contact Ellie by shouting ‘sausages’ very loudly in the Tingley neighbourhood