Smalley Trent

Smalley Trent Personality Test

This quick, fun test gives you some insight of what kind of personality you have. At the end, you'll be given "dominant" and "sub dominant" personality characteristics which match the answers you give. To make the insight more easily understandable, you'll be classed as one of four broad personality types: lions, otters, beavers and golden retrievers.

Obviously this isn't super scientific, but you'll probably find that the results match how you see yourself - as well as some insight into your strengths, weaknesses and the types of strategies that work best for you in the workplace.


  1. On each line there are four character attributes.
  2. On each line, enter the number 4 against the character trait that describes you best, followed by 3, 2 and 1 for the character trait that applies to you the least. Do not enter the same number twice in any row.
  3. For the test to work properly you must enter a number for every one of the ten rows. When you're done, hit submit to get an insight into your character traits!


Likes authority Enthusiastic Sensitive feelings Likes instructions
Takes charge Takes risks Loyal Accurate
Determined Visionary Calm Accurate
Enterprising Very verbal Enjoys routine Predictable
Competitive Promoter Dislikes change Practical
Problem solver Enjoys popularity Gives in to others Factual
Productive Fun-loving Calm Accurate
Bold Likes variety Sympathetic Perfectionist
Decision maker Spontaneous Nuturing Detail-orientated
Persistent Inspirational Peacemaker Analytical