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    Outsourced HR in Yorkshire with Mint HR!

    Mint HR in Yorkshire will relish the opportunity of bringing your policies in line, representing your business with the more hard-hitting HR stuff and helping you make sure your people are happy. After all, people are what makes the wheels go round, so make sure you’ve got Mint HR on your team.

    Mint HR, a team of HR experts, helping local businesses outsource their HR ups and downs since 2016.

    Solution Focused

    Expert, HR solutions at the end of a telephone.

    Client Focus

    Only pay for the hours you need, not those you don’t!

    Looking for expert HR advice and support?
    Let Mint HR bring fresh, minty expertise to your team.

    ‘That’ll do’ is not acceptable at Mint HR. We want to help you do the right thing by you and your people and ensure you have a happy, productive team on board. It doesn’t matter to us whether you need us for maybe just a couple of hours or a few days a month, we can be there to support and will act as your in-house HR team. If that’s what you want of course.

    Tap into over 50 years of combined HR experience with a trickier situation, or maybe you just need a hand onboarding a new colleague. We’ve got you and we’ve got your back.

    Outsourced HR

    The team at Mint HR have over 50 years’ experience collectively covering anything and everything HR related, so whatever your requirements are, you know you’ve got the best HR team on board.

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    How We Can Help

    At Mint HR, we love to get involved and we’d love to become a part of your team, which is great from a HR perspective especially if your need is for something a little more serious.

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    Regardless of which pricing model you choose, you’ll get exactly the same great service. All it means is that the more you use us, the cheaper we are.

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