The UK recruitment crisis 2021

If you’re not aware that we’re in the middle of a recruitment crisis where have you been? We want to make sure that you’re in the know in relation to this because if you’re planning on hiring any time soon, you need to be prepared.

Job vacancies in Britain are about 20% higher than their pre-pandemic levels. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation reported there were1.66 million vacanciesat the end of August, with that number set to continue rising.

Theres a need for workers in pretty much every sector. Brexit, the pandemic and furlough have all created the perfect recruitment storm. 1.3 million non-UK citizens left the country over the last year and many are unable or unwilling to return. People have been and are continuing to re-evaluate their working lives and looking at education; a complete career change or greater flexibility.

Yes, we do have nearly 0.25m morepeople unemployed and looking for work than before the pandemic, but employers are still finding it extremely tricky to hire. Employers have positions they need to fill and plenty of people are looking for work – but the empty positions dont match what people are prepared for or want to do. There are more vacancies than candidates which is putting all the power in the job seekers hands.

Mint HRs Top Tips to help you through:

  1. Keep a constant eye on your resourcing needs identify where gaps may arise in the future and where your biggest risks are.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to hire dont leave it until the last minute.
  3. Consider incentives people are looking for security and flexible working options. You need to sell what your company can provide to the candidate more than youve ever had to before.
  4. Retain your employees youre going to struggle to replace talented staff so do your best to retain who you have. Make sure youre communicating clearly and review your benefits package and salary rates compared to the market. Most importantly tailor your reward and recognition towards the individual everyone is different and you will get greater responses and engagement if you factor this in.
  5. Upskill from within – or consider recruiting to a lower-level position and investing in training and development.

Whilst were not recruitment specialists at Mint HR, we know lots of people can help and we can definitely assist with the retention and training piece. Reach out and well work through the crisis together.

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