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Outsourced HR for small business Small, but perfectly formed

"I worked with Tracy to dismiss an employee for gross misconduct, after discovering he was de-frauding my business over a 16 month period. Through the process she was highly personable, professional, efficient and gave me the confidence that we were following due process / the law. I would recommend her in a flash to anyone."

James Michelsberg

Michelsberg Tailoring, Leeds

Outsourcing HR can be a brilliant idea for a small businesses. It can provide you with access to expertise which helps to manage risk, save costs, and frees up your time to concentrate on your core business.

Why is outsourcing HR a good idea for small businesses?

Small businesses often have limited resources, and outsourcing HR can be a cost-effective solution. By using an external HR provider, small businesses can avoid the expense of hiring and training an in-house HR team. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that only require HR services on a part-time basis or for specific projects.

Why should you outsource your HR?

Outsourcing HR can provide you with access to specialist expertise. HR consultants like Mint HR are experienced in dealing with a wide range of HR issues and can provide advice and guidance on issues such as employment law, recruitment, and employee relations. This can be particularly important for small businesses that may not have the resources to employ HR professionals with this level of expertise in-house

Will outsourcing HR help you to run your business?

Yes! Outsourcing your HR can free up your time to focus on core business activities. HR can be a time-consuming and complex function, and outsourcing it can allow you to focus on growing your business, developing new products and services, and building relationships with customers and suppliers

Is outsourcing HR expensive for a small business?

It very much depends on how you look at it. If you're on a monthly retainer with a HR company and rarely use their services, then yes - it can seem pretty expensive. But if you're facing the prospect of disciplinary hearings, tribunals, or improving employee performance then HR easily pays for itself. This is why we prefer to not use the retainer model unless it suits the needs of your business.