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Sickness and AbsenceManaging Attendance

"At Gravitas we pride ourselves in always putting our employees first, so when seeking HR advice we were delighted to find someone in Tracy who balanced the fine line of knowing the appropriate response from a legal and commercial point of view whilst still ensuring the welfare of the employee was considered at every stage."

Zoe Brent - Strategic Planning and Implementation Director

Gravitas Recruitment

For most businesses, employees are the biggest cost (as well as their biggest asset). People being absent for various reasons is unavoidable, but if left unmanaged can cause real problems for you business.

I've been handling issues like this for twenty years and can safely say I've seen a lot of different circumstances. These can be completely banal or deeply personal, so handling people with persistent attendance problems needs to be handled with tact and an open mind.

The process can have legal ramifications, and can involve occupational health professionals and doctors, so it is important you use the right procedure to get the right result for both your business and the employee in question.

Real problems for your business

To give you some idea of the process you need to follow, the steps look a little like this.

  1. Understand the issue – don't be afraid to ask questions.
  2. Hold return to work meetings after every period of absence.
  3. Seek medical advice – via the GP or Occupational Health.
  4. Advise the employee if the absence is becoming a cause for concern as soon as it is.
  5. Keep in contact (especially with those on long term sick).
  6. Take more formal action if necessary.

Pick up the phone to Tracy on 07957 285 995 now to chat through what you need. It's often the simplest way to solve a lot of problems for you and your employees alike.