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Redundancy: Consultation & Process

Nobody wants to have to put people out of work, so bring me into the equation. Let me take the load off your mind: call me now on 07957 285 995

Unfortunately, not all businesses grow all the time. If you're struggling to grow due to market conditions, financial pressures, or whether you've just changed the focus of what you're doing, letting people go can be one of the most painful things a business has to do.

Bring me on board and I will help you plan and deliver redundancy in full consultation with the people affected, and in keeping with the fairness demanded by law and the ACAS code of practice. If you really don't want to go down that route, I can help you find alternatives.

"We could not keep up with HR legislation and needed to know the company were making the right decisions regarding staff issues. Mint HR is a very professional and slick company... with fast and reliable answers."

Ashley Lewis

Pollard Optical

What the redundancy process looks like

To give you some idea of the process you need to follow, the steps look a little like this.

  1. Identifying potential roles at threat of redundancy.
  2. Informing employees ahead of time if redundancies are a possibility.
  3. Selection criteria: develop a list of criteria to help you decide which individuals may be made redundant within the roles identified.
  4. Consultations: talking to groups and individuals who might be affected
  5. Informing the selected parties

I can help with any or all of these stages, chair meetings, provide a script to follow, handle queries, send out the necessary paperwork, and handle process in line with all legal requirements and ACAS code of practice.

If you want to explore alternatives to redundancy, I can advise on other measures - such as:

  1. Recruitment freeze
  2. Retraining and redeployment
  3. Reducing or eliminating overtime
  4. Reducing hours or temporary lay-offs
  5. Accepting voluntary redundancy

None of this is pleasant or easy for managers to deal with - especially in a small business with personal relationships, so pick up the phone to Tracy on 07957 285 995 now to chat through what you need. It's often the simplest way to solve a lot of problems for you and your employees alike.