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Outsourced HR costsOur price structure

OK. Let's talk money. Monthly retainers are a stress. You might end up paying for time that you never use in a particular month, and we don't want to create work just to use up your hours. That's why we decided to offer something a little different.

Regardless which model you choose, you'll get exactly the same great service. All it means is that the more you use us, the cheaper we are.

And if you'd prefer to keep us on a traditional retainer so you know where you are each month? No problem at all - just call us for a quote.

Outsourced HR Support Costs

4 hours: £520 + VAT

4 Hours

  • £520
8 hours: £1020 + VAT

8 Hours

  • £1020
16 hours: £1980 + VAT

16 Hours

  • £1980
24 hours: £2880 + VAT

24 Hours

  • £2880

* Prices subject to VAT.

How our Pricing Works

  1. Give us a call to explain what you need
  2. We'll give you an estimate of how many hours it'll take.
  3. Pay for the appropriate number of hours
  4. We do the hard stuff, and deliver exactly what you need
  5. We all bask in the warm glow of success, while unicorns scamper over the rainbow**

If it takes longer than we thought, we'll give you a heads up and you can buy some more hours. If it takes less time than we thought, you can keep the hours for future support.

In most cases, it makes sense to buy more hours up front, as it will work out cheaper for you in the long run.

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**Unicorns may scamper less than advertised - please contact your supplier for further details.