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Employee Mental HealthManaging Employee Wellbeing

"Tracy... balanced the fine line of knowing the appropriate response from a legal and commercial point of view whilst still ensuring the welfare of the employee was considered at every stage."

Zoe Brent - Strategic Planning and Implementation Director

Gravitas Recruitment

For a lot of people, illness is something tangible - such as a cough, a broken limb, or debilitating physical illness. But you're probably also aware that some illnesses can't be seen. You can't touch depression, anxiety or an addiction, but the effects can be as far reaching for your employees and your business than more obvious forms of illness.

I'm delighted to be able to offer a range of services to you to help you improve your employees' mental health, promote a happier workplace, and deal with issues that can arise from poor mental health. As someone who has has had my own battle with mental health in the past, I am passionate about helping businesses where it is an issue.

Mental health care for your business

As a trained mental health first aider, I'm available to deliver help, training and support to anyone affected by mental health issues in the workplace.

  1. Training – helping you to understand mental illness and how it can affect people.
  2. Supporting affected employees
  3. Seek medical advice from Occupational Health if necessary.
  4. Managing absence for people with mental health issues.
  5. Keep in contact (especially with those on long term sick).

Pick up the phone to Tracy on 07957 285 995 now to chat through what you need. It's often the simplest way to solve a lot of problems for you and your employees alike.