Holiday Accrual During Coronavirus and Furlough

With a constantly changing situation, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions where quite frankly there hasn’t been a clear answer. With every day though, some new guidance comes out to shine a little bit more light in the darkness. Today’s is some guidance around what happens to annual leave for employees who aren’t able to take their annual leave due to the coronavirus.

Government guidance has now been given to clear some of this up:

Employees who are not able to take their annual leave in the year to which it relates due to the coronavirus will be able to carry over four weeks (20 days) leave into the next two leave years.

This is intended to ease the pressure on employers who might find themselves short handed when the crisis has passed. Without these measures, its likely many people would be scrambling to take holidays at the same time on their return to work.

This will also be great for business who have put employees on furlough. These employees would also have ended up with holidays to take in a compressed time period when the business would be under considerable pressure anyway as they try to get back up and running.

There are still lots of questions out there, and the situation is still fluid. I cant promise immediate answers to all questions, but never hesitate to get in touch and I will share any knowledge that I have with you.

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