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About Mint HR: How we can help your business

Having worked with Tracy in the past the obvious choice was Mint HR. Her insights, suggestions and responsiveness are exactly what our business needs and I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracy to other small/medium organisations.

Taran Sohail - Director

Cloud2 IT Services

With our extensive HR experience we can help with any people related matter: be it growing your business, developing your team, handling any tricky internal decisions, or just providing the basics. We also have other skills which you can draw on when you need them - including mediation, training and documentation.

Outsourced HR

If you want to be able to call on HR support fairly regularly but don't need an in-house HR person (or the cost of one), you can sign up for one of our support packages.

  • HR support is only a phone call or email away.
  • The support can be remote or on-site - whatever you need.
  • The more you use me, the cheaper I am.
  • There's no long term contracts - you'll value the support so much, you won't want to cancel.

HR Project work

You may have a particular itch which needs to be scratched – you want to introduce values, have a training need or need assistance with restructuring. We can work on specific projects with a defined budget, terms and end date. The benefits of this option are:

  • Aims and outcomes agreed up front.
  • Fixed costs with a payment plan which will be agreed at the beginning.

Outsourced HR Support Costs

4 hours: £520 + VAT

4 Hours

  • £520
8 hours: £1020 + VAT

8 Hours

  • £1020
16 hours: £1980 + VAT

16 Hours

  • £1980
24 hours: £2880 + VAT

24 Hours

  • £2880

* Prices subject to VAT.

How our Pricing Works

  1. Give us a call to explain what you need
  2. We'll give you an estimate of how many hours it'll take.
  3. Pay for the appropriate number of hours
  4. We do the hard stuff, and deliver exactly what you need
  5. We both bask in the warm glow of success, while unicorns scamper over the rainbow**

If it takes longer than we thought, we'll give you a heads up and you can buy some more hours. If it takes less time than we thought, you can keep the hours for future support.

In most cases, it makes sense to buy more hours up front, as it will work out cheaper for you in the long run.

A unicorn

**Unicorns may scamper less than advertised - please contact your supplier for further details.

Although we are based in Leeds, we service clients across the Yorkshire region - from Hull to Huddersfield and everywhere in between. Travelling further afield to client sites elsewhere is certainly not out of question; travelling expenses are simply part of the expense.