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Handling workplace grievances: Creating a happier workplace

"We had a contentious issue to manage which required total impartiality. Tracy took the time to truly understand Hamara and in doing so provided practical and commercial advice. If any future HR requirements arise, we will definitely be in touch with Tracy at Mint HR."

Paula Ward


As much as you try to create a fair place of work with a friendly, co-operative environment, personalities can and do clash. And sometimes even the best intentioned people can make errors of judgement when dealing with or talking to their co-workers or employees.

This can lead to a formal grievance being raised, and if you are a manager inside the business it can be hard to remain neutral.

Grievances can be unpleasant and messy. When there are two sides to a disagreement, finding common ground can be difficult. By bringing me in as a neutral party, I can investigate any allegations and provide workable solutions for all parties on your behalf. Bring us into the equation, and we'll take that load off your mind.

What the grievance process looks like

To give you some idea of the process you need to follow, the steps look a little like this.

  1. Offer general advice throughout the process – acting as your sounding board. We can lead the process as impartial investigators or offer advice to the person leading the process.
  2. Investigate the matter – create invite letters for the individual raising the grievance, the alleged perpetrator(s) and any witnesses.
  3. Prepare briefing notes for each meeting, including pre-prepared questions – that way, if you want to lead y,ou know exactly what to ask and how to ask it.
  4. Hold the meetings – can lead or be support.
  5. Review the evidence to find out who - if anyone - is at fault, what learning points can be taken away and what action should be taken to resolve the matter.
  6. Produce a grievance outcome letter that is issued to the person who raised the grievance - and hopefully lays the matter to rest.
  7. Follow up with any outcomes - which could range from mediation to disciplinary action.

Pick up the phone to Tracy on 07957 285 995 now to chat through what you need. It's often the simplest way to solve a lot of problems for you and your employees alike.