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Disciplinaries: the job no one wants to do(Need to kick some arse?)

"I worked with Tracy to dismiss an employee for gross misconduct, after discovering he was de-frauding my business over a 16 month period. Through the process she was highly personable, professional, efficient and gave me the confidence that we were following due process / the law. I would recommend her in a flash to anyone."

James Michelsberg

Michelsberg Tailoring, Leeds

The ugly side of managing people is that eventually somebody screws up. It can be a relatively small thing like bad time keeping, or it could be a major breach of company policy, but either way it's unpleasant to have to deal with.

Nobody wants to have to discipline their employees, but it's a sad inevitability for most businesses. It can range from relative minor issues such as persistent time keeping problems, through to serious breaches of company policy. And as the people might report directly to you, it can be difficult to keep your distance and remain objective and fair. Bring us into the equation, and let us take that load off your mind.

What the disciplinary process looks like

To give you some idea of the process you need to follow - and where Mint HR come in - the steps look a little like this.

  1. Offer general advice throughout the process – a sounding board.
  2. Investigate the matter – speak to witnesses, speak to the individual, assist with sourcing any other evidence.
  3. Create the invite letter to disciplinary – making sure due process is followed.
  4. Prepare a briefing note for the meeting, including pre-prepared questions – that way – if you want to lead – you know exactly what to ask.
  5. Hold the meeting – can lead or be support.
  6. Record the meeting - making sure everything is recorded accurately and fairly for legal purposes.
  7. Provide advice to help you make that all important decision – should you impose a sanction and if so, which one.
  8. Follow it up in writing – making sure the individual is aware of the right to appeal.

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