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About Mint HR: A Fresh Perspective

Tracy Carpenter Managing Director, Mint Human Resources

I'm Tracy Carpenter - an HR Consultant based in Leeds and managing director of Mint HR. You might have an image of human resources as 'stuffy' and very formal. And it's partly true: formality comes with the territory. But really the core of any business is dealing with people. We pride ourselves on building rapport with our clients and employees who find themselves in meetings with us. We take the time to fully understand the issues and come up with easy to digest, no-nonsense solutions. We're Northern lasses and speak as we find! I'm delighted to be supported by my amazing little team.

We pride ourselves on being able to get under the skin of a business and understand how it operates so we can identify the right goals and set the wheels in motion to reach those targets.

Far from being robots who hire and fire, we upskill our clients with respect and humour and come up with bespoke and practical solutions that take businesses to the next level and beyond. We look at HR matters with a fresh pair of eyes and without the emotional ties which you hold. We have to take into account the full facts, but that won't involve knowing about every bad week the person has ever had. This allows us to impartially review and recommend a course of action, which is right for the business.

How Mint HR was born

I'm Tracy Carpenter, and I've been a HR professional in Yorkshire for over two decades - working in both public and private sectors, and with people at start-ups, SMEs and large companies with a national (and even international) presence.

So you could say I've seen a lot: from managing embarrassingly sensitive personal issues in the workplace to handling large scale redundancies.

An expert in the HR field, I knew I could give back more to small, medium businesses. I had a very clear vision about the support I wanted to offer and that was fresh and innovative, commercial and no holds barred.

Hence, Mint HR was born in Leeds in 2016.

So, say hello and let's see if we can work together to make your people more successful. Because if they are, you are.