A bloody rotten year

It’s been a bloody rotten year for many of us. You might have seen your customers drying up. Your finances deteriorating. Maybe even been closed by order of the government for your best trading season as “non-essential”. Three weeks turned into nine months. And the rules have kept on changing. Job Retention Schemes. Furlough.

You might have been forced into making redundancies and then found them being challenged in tribunal. Or having to change your mind as the Furlough scheme has been extended again and again.

And now Christmas is trundling into sight and while there are glimpses of hope in a potential vaccine, there is bound to be more economic hardship ahead as the full scale of job losses is eventually revealed.

All in all then: not great.

As a business leader or manager, youll be wearily familiar with all this by now.

But what about your team? The people who work for you are labouring under the same cloud of uncertainty. They’re desperately worried about their own futures and the future of your business almost as much as you are.

So this might be the chance to reach out to them. To bring them into your thinking and to warn them (where necessary) of what might be coming.

If you need help delivering bad news to your people – or even just clarifying where things stand and what options youre having to look at – then feel free to call me. From a legal perspective, its best if you understand the rules properly yourself, and from a human perspective its best to know how to have these difficult conversations with people.

Thats why I’m here, and as always I’d be delighted to help any way I can.

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