3 reasons why recruitment sucks

This may be a controversial blog – especially as there is so much help out there for recruitment but I’m going to say what I think anyway. Whilst I do believe you need to do all you can to find the right person when hiring, it’s not clear cut. Just as Leeds United found out when they hired Brian Clough — you may think you’ve found the right person but until they’re behind a desk – there’s just no way to be certain.

Here’s why, therefore, recruitment sucks:

Reason 1 – you won’t know the person is right until they start

No matter what recruitment processes you put in place – you don’t know if you’ve got the right person until they start – FACT! You may be promised the perfect hire, you may feel that they are the best thing since sliced bread, but until they start the job you never really know for certain. That’s what your probationary period is for people – use it. I get that you don’t want high turnover rates but if you know you’ve made the wrong choice – act and don’t wait for 2 years.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with trying to find the perfect hire but just don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out. Don’t ignore your gut – if, in those early stages you just don’t think it’s right – do something about. Speak to the person – make it clear what your concerns are and tell them what changes you need to see. After they pass out of probation – it will never be as simple to expect change or to let them go.

Reason 2 – people often don’t find out the right things when selecting

You need to have all your ducks in a row when recruiting – have a job description from the outset so you know what you’re looking for. Use that to write your advert to attract those with the correct skill set. Sift out candidates based on the criteria you’ve identified and be ruthless – if they don’t have those skills, they’re not right. Dig deeper at the interview stage – get them to carry out tests if that will give you a better insight, someone going for a PA role needs to be able to write a great letter – test it out.

If the person has at least attempted to demonstrate their competence in each of the areas required – you know you’re halfway there.

Reason 3 – it takes up so much of your time and that equates to cost

You either pay for a recruitment agency to remove the burden or you handle it all yourself (or of course get Mint HR involved). Either way, it’s costly. Even more reason to put in a bit of extra effort to try and find the right person. Putting in the preparation up front will hopefully mean you don’t have to re-do the process. Even if you do, you’ve got everything to hand to use again.

There is no alternative though – if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of finding the right person, that will take time.

I hope this helps to some extent with your recruitment decisions. For me though, you need to be fully aware of reason 1. Don’t go into recruiting thinking that it’s all going to go swimmingly. Expect hurdles and learn from what worked and what didn’t.

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