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Taking holidays as a business owner

Tracy Carpenter: Human Resources Consultant: 16th July 2019

 2019 has been a super busy year so far for me, so I've decided to follow my own advice and take a little break.

I always recommend to my clients to make sure that their people are taking their holidays - and what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. For the next few days I'll be in Spain at the Benicassim music festival!

Looking back over the first half of this year, I can point to record growth for the business and a raft of successful projects and satisfied clients. It hasn't always been easy. As any business owner will tell you, time becomes your most precious asset when you're running your own business.

The cost of that can be that it's easy to forget our own needs outside business. Yes you can only be 'successful' by being driven and focussed on the needs of your customers, but that's only if you define success in material terms.

One reason I started Mint HR was precisely so that I could better balance my life and give myself time and space that a 40 hour week with defined holiday hours could never give me.

So, I feel I've earned this little break - and I look forward to catching up with you on my return!

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